Have you ever had that panicked moment when you’ve gone out and are worried that you’ve left your iron on?

Not turning your iron off is a fire hazard, and a lot of people forget to flip the switch when they’re done, especially if they’re just ironing a shirt and running out to work. Even if you are the best person for remembering things, it pays to have an iron with auto shut-off just so you’re covered. This means that if it hasn’t been used for a while, it will turn itself off, which helps provide peace of mind and stops your house burning down, which – needless to say – isn’t the result you want when ironing! T-fal irons are designed to meet the needs of every day consumers, and that means being safe and convenient to use with an auto-shut off feature on our irons*.


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*Ensure to always check the label on your iron to ensure the auto shut-off is a feature included on your iron.


While there are a few different things you need to consider when picking out an iron, one of the most important things you want to think about is steam. It’s also the thing that means you get to spend less time ironing, which – let’s face it – is the dream.  Using an iron with plenty of steam, though, will cut your ironing time in half, if not reduce it even more. The more steam your iron produces, the more layers of fabric it can iron all at once, meaning you don’t need to go over the same area in your garment repeatedly.


While you might have tried the trick of hanging a suit in your steamy bathroom after a shower to de-crease it, this doesn’t always work. However, if you have an iron that creates a lot of steam, it can double as a steamer so you can still use it on things that can’t be directly ironed.

T-fal offers a great selection of irons that produce high levels of steam that can effectively double as a steamer. This means you don’t need to find somewhere to hang your suit in the bathroom, pay for it to be steamed professionally or deal with hard-to-fix creases on delicate clothing.

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We’ve all done it – Throwing a load in the washing machine and forgetting about it for a while. Leaving clothes wet in the washer can multiply the amount of wrinkles on your garments which results in more time you need to spend ironing and steaming your clothes before you wear them.


To cut your ironing time in half, simply hang up your clothes to dry right when they come out of the wash. If you prefer putting your garments in the dryer remember to take these out as soon as they are done and fold or hang-up them up to keep them wrinkle-free. The quicker you do this, the less time wrinkles have to settle!

Following this tip will ultimately save you less time ironing and steaming. To remove those last minute wrinkles from your outfits, T-fal has the perfect range of irons to help you keep your clothes and linens look fresh and crisp before you use them.

Check out our range of T-fal irons and steamers to find the one right for you!


An important tip to remember before you begin ironing is to ensure that you have the correct temperature setting depending on the type of fabric you are ironing. This can make the difference between perfectly pressed clothes and a giant burn whole in your favourite shirt! Having the right setting will make ironing faster, easier and give you perfect results that will make your clothes look brand new again.


Image: T-fal Ultraglide Pro

T-fal irons have different settings to help you change the temperature to match if you are ironing anything from cotton to wool to silk. The last thing you want is to use a temperature that will burn or damage the garment you are treating.

Check out our full range of T-fal irons and steamers to find the one right for you!


Love it or loathe it, the fact of the matter is that the ironing has to get done. That’s why it falls under the bracket of ‘chores’. Quite simply because ironing can be tedious, time consuming and for many of us overwhelming, especially if you are ironing for more than one. As much as you may try to run, you most certainly cannot hide, from a pile which will no doubt grow day by day.

For the next 2 weeks we are going to release a simple #T-falIronTip that will make caring for your linens easier!  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date on the tips we release.

For now, check out our below guide to understand The Science of Ironing:



Now that the warm weather is finally on its way, it’s time to shake off the cold winter and get back to your healthy routine. Whether you’re trying to lose weight for the summer or just want to be a healthier, crash diets aren’t usually the best way to go about it. After all, you can only live without chocolate for so long before you find yourself sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by the remnants of the a Kit Kat multipack with no idea how you got there.


The best way to healthy lifestyle resolutions is to make them as sustainable as possible. Fitting food into your routine and lifestyle, rather than the other way around, will help you change your habits and avoid those late night snack sessions that give you one hell of a sugar hangover. Here are some top-tips to keep: 

Choose the right sugars

If you have a sweet tooth, giving up your chocolate bars and treats is probably absolute torture. However, you don’t need to give up everything sweet in order to be healthier and can still enjoy a pudding or snack during the day.

Rather than a daily chocolate bar, try sweet fruit instead, as something like a clementine can help beat those sweet cravings while being healthier. Fat-free fruit yogurt, vanilla almond milk and even dark chocolate are good in moderation too and could leave you feeling more satisfied.

Treat yourself now and then

While finding substitutes works well, we all know there is nothing quite like the real thing. This is why it is okay to indulge every once in a while. Having a weekly or bi-weekly treat can help keep you on track and reward you for a job well done.

Not only does this help stop you from going a bit mad with the treats, it also means you don’t feel guilty when you do indulge in something a bit more unhealthy.

Be smart when it comes to carbs

We actually need some carbohydrates in our diet for energy, so cutting them out completely can be a bad idea. Not only can it mean your diet becomes unbalanced, it can cause issues when you reintroduce them to your diet.

Rather than cutting them out completely, switch to complex carbs only and half the amount you put on your plate. If you’re trying to lose weight, this will help you do so but will also give you plenty of energy.

To ensure you’re still filling up at dinner time, simply top up your plate with more vegetables, which will make your meal even healthier.

Choose healthy snacks

Whether you’re at a desk all day, running after kids or active at work, snacking tends to happen a bit more than it should. You can make your meals as healthy as possible, but if you’re reaching for the cookies, chips or pop, it undoes all your hard work.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t snack, as we all need a bit of a boost and no one enjoys feeling hungry. However, you need to be careful when it comes to what you snack on.

Clear out the unhealthy treats and get in fruit, vegetables and nuts so you can reach for these instead. Things like carrot sticks and hummus, bananas and almonds are all great for filling you up without all the extra calories and can make your diet a lot more bearable. Just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too!

Stay active 

Going to the gym doesn’t always need to be the resolution to get your daily exercise. Now that the warm weather is here, there are plenty of other activities you can do that doesn’t make exercise seem like a chore. Go for a walk to the park, take a bike ride to the local store, go swimming at the nearby community center  - These are just a few ideas you can do to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.


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