Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking: low cholesterol ingredients and recipes

You already know that a healthy diet means a balanced diet. But when you need to limit your cholesterol intake, certain foods can suddenly seem like your worst enemies. Anything with sugar or fat becomes a potential threat, and eating quickly turns into a complex affair.

Relax! Eating should above all be a pleasure, and there are lots of foods around that will help you to stay both happy and healthy. Here’s how.


Make food your friend, not your enemy

You don’t have to limit yourself to lettuce and green beans to lower your cholesterol! Healthy eating is above all about balance, with as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, proteins and predominantly complex carbohydrates. Why not start the day with a wholesome breakfast of porridge or raw oats, served with plant milk and pieces of fresh fruit, to keep your energy levels up for hours! And for those 11 o’clock munchies, make sure you always have an apple, banana or small bag of vegetable sticks on hand.

Both oily and non-oily fish are good for you and should be eaten in place of meat several times a week. Always keep some fish in the freezer in case you don’t have time to go shopping! Marinades of all sorts are also useful, as is plancha cooking which uses a minimum of oil. Any kind of steamed vegetables is obviously great, and if you have an ActiFry you can even treat yourself to some homemade sweet potato French fries!