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Pressure Cookers: 10-Minute Meals!

October is always a busy month as we start preparing for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween, and everyday tasks like getting dinner ready become more difficult. If only you had a couple extra arms… And yet, all you really need is the right tools and suddenly it’s all so much easier! Take the Clipso for example – the pressure cooker that you can open and close with a single hand and let’s you make delicious meals in just as little as 10 minutes! 

Clipso Lifestyle


Thanks to the Clipso Control system, cooking has never been simpler. It’s one of a kind opening and closing system allows you to easily and safely operate your pressure cooker without the stress. Super practical and user-friendly, it’s set to become your best friend in the kitchen and turn you into a fan of steam cooking! You can also feel comfortable knowing that it is extremely safe to operate thanks to the 5-point security system that features a safe pressure control release system.

T-fal also has a variety of different pressure cookers for every family’s needs. They come in a range of sizes, for small families to very large groups. Whatever you’re cooking, whether it be vegetables, meat or fish, they retain all the goodness of your ingredients. From vitamin-packed veggies to entire dishes bursting with taste and nutrients, nothing could be simpler – just click to open and click to close. Leaving you with enough energy and time to spend with your family!

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