Breakfast in the world

Upgrade your toast!

Come rain or shine, you prefer your morning bread toasted. Satisfyingly crunchy, smothered in butter and jam, and filling your home with the delicious aroma of hot bread, toast helps you start the day right. Quite apart from being delicious, did you know that your daily toast has another asset that few people know about? Its glycemic index (GI) is lower than that of fresh bread!
When bread is toasted, its water content moves to the surface. This causes something called starch retrogradation, which decreases the GI. If you’re going for foods with the lowest possible GI, choose breads made from semi-wholemeal or wholemeal flour as opposed to white flour. And if you’re watching your figure or want to eat healthier, then the benefit of toasting will no doubt get you reaching for your toaster more often, knowing that you can toast away to your heart’s content!

Plus it is a quick and easy breakfast for when you are on the go, but who said toast needs to be boring?


Upgrade your traditional everyday toast by experimenting with different topping combinations. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Sliced fresh avocado toast with fresh lemon and ground pepper
  • Hazelnut spread with sliced bananas sprinkled with cinnamon powder 
  • Sliced fried pan-fried tomatoes topped with a fried egg and fresh chives
  • Ricotta topped with blueberries and drizzled with honey

Get creative and try all of your favourite ingredients on your toast – the possibilities are endless!