How to brew the perfect cup of tea!

For all you tea lovers, we know one thing that can keep you smiling ’til midday – a nice hot mug of tea! So, needless to say, your kettle is an essential item in your kitchen.

If you’re some what of a tea connoisseur, you’ll know that each variety of tea has its own optimum brewing time and temperature. Tea temperature does matter! On certain types of leaves such as green tea, if your water temperature is too hot you can actually ‘cook’ the leaves instead of steeping them which will change the flavour of your tea and sometimes make it bitter tasting. That’s why we’ve put together some basic guidelines to what temperature you should use for steeping based on the types of team leaves. 

From Rooibos to Oolong, our chart will help you find out more on how to make the perfect brew every time!