3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything

3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything : Healthy dishes

You know what? Healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring food! And when it comes to kids, healthy eating should above all mean tasty, colourful recipes that they really want to try out (and finish it all!)

Everyday meals that are simple to prepare and that your kids will love – it’s really possible!


Healthy and tasty meals for all the family

Unless you’re on a special diet, your children’s meals don’t need to be any different from your own. On the contrary, it’s easier to teach them about eating a balanced diet if the whole family eats fruit and green vegetables on a regular basis. Sharing proper meals as a family will also make the kids (and the grown-ups) less likely to snack during the day. And it’s important to eat healthily from the moment you get up. Cereals or bread, a dairy product and a vitamin-packed homemade orange juice for breakfast will get you off to a good start.

You can make fruit and vegetables fun with the help of a little imagination. Carrots can be turned into chips, apples, pears and bananas into smoothies, and green vegetables into mini terrines. And you can experiment with different herbs and sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and so on) in your soups. At snack time, avoid sugary things like cakes and biscuits and show them that nothing beats homemade. Some fresh fruit, a dairy product for calcium and a handful of dried fruit make the perfect balanced snack!

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