French fries: the perfect side dish to all your meat dishes

Now that you’ve bought yourself an ActiFry, there is no stopping you – any time can be French fry time! And your homemade fries are so delicious that the whole family loves them, especially when served with a prime cut of meat. So here are some ideas for your next Sunday lunches!


Steak and chips: it’s all in the cooking

You like nothing better on a Sunday than to treat yourself a little and organize a big meal with your friends or family. And one of your favourite dishes is steak and chips! But not just any old steak and chips – your chips are homemade, light and deliciously crunchy, and your meat cooked to perfection. That’s because you use a grill to cook each person’s steak exactly how they like it. From rare to well-cooked, a sprinkling of salt and pepper is all that a steak needs and it’s ready to serve with those homemade fries. The secret to perfect French fries is to cut them neither too thick nor too thin, so that they have the right amount of crunch!

It’s all in the sauce!

And to make your meal worthy of the best restaurant, you really need to go to a lot of trouble for the sauce. If your homemade mayonnaise is a firm favorite, why not also try something new like peppercorn sauce? Made with cream, black or green peppercorns and a dash of brandy, it will wow even the most demanding of guests and make those fries of yours taste even better!