Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking: gluten allergy

Whether you’re totally gluten-intolerant or simply want to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet, you’ll know that it’s not so easy because it’s hidden in so many foods! You will find it in any product containing wheat, obviously, but did you know that it’s often hidden in thickeners and ‘light’ fats? Here are a few delicious recipe ideas to help you eat in a healthy manner and totally gluten-free!


No gluten doesn’t mean no taste!

First of all, you need to start experimenting with new and long forgotten ingredients. There are several types of gluten-free flour available, including rice flour, chickpea flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour and corn flour, any or all of which can be used to make biscuits, cakes, and even gluten-free pastry for those picnic treats and dinner-party quiches. And you can bet your bottom dollar that your chestnut flour pancakes will become a firm favorite with the kids!

You can make bread using rice or buckwheat flour, then give it a special touch by adding all of your favorite ingredients. There is now a wide range of gluten-free pasta available, for making delicious pasta Bolognese or pasta carbonara. And don’t forget all those rice-based recipes that can be adapted however you like, such as Chinese rice noodle soup and seafood paella. And if you thought gluten-free food was dull, try out all the recipes for gluten-free muffins, cookies and pies! You’ll discover the delights of cooking with soya, millet, and maybe even lupin flour, all of which are easily available from health food shops. So get cooking and get creative!