Ironing Tips

Ironing Tip #2: Hang up your clothes after washing

We’ve all done it – Throwing a load in the washing machine and forgetting about it for a while. Leaving clothes wet in the washer can multiply the amount of wrinkles on your garments which results in more time you need to spend ironing and steaming your clothes before you wear them.


To cut your ironing time in half, simply hang up your clothes to dry right when they come out of the wash. If you prefer putting your garments in the dryer remember to take these out as soon as they are done and fold or hang-up them up to keep them wrinkle-free. The quicker you do this, the less time wrinkles have to settle!

Following this tip will ultimately save you less time ironing and steaming. To remove those last minute wrinkles from your outfits, T-fal has the perfect range of irons to help you keep your clothes and linens look fresh and crisp before you use them.

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