Did you know that your body is made up of at least 60% water?

In order to stay hydrated, you need to consumer enough water throughout the day – and you will notice the difference in how your body feels! Here are some tips to get you drinking before you even start to feel thirsty.

glass water

Don’t give into the temptation of fizzy drinks, wine or beer when you’re thirsty. If you want to hydrate your body, then nothing beats good old water! If you prefer hot drinks, herbal tea is great whatever the weather so make the most of all the different varieties now available. At lunchtime, a cup of green tea goes well with any dish. Try Darjeeling, Fruity and Sencha green teas, and experiment with the different flavours to find the perfect food-tea combinations!

You shouldn’t wait to feel thirsty, because thirst is a sign that your body is already dehydrated. Instead, you need to keep drinking throughout the day. Have a small bottle of water on hand wherever you go, or a thermos flask if you prefer herbal tea. And if you do find yourself craving a sweet or fizzy drink, then opt for a no-sugar added fruit or vegetable juice – homemade, if possible – and treat yourself to a dose of vitamins at the same time!


Grains and legumes have been a part of the human diet for a long time, and for good reason! They are extremely rich in protein, fibre and packed with essential nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. Grains and legumes, commonly referred to as ‘pulses’, have been at the forefront of attention since it was declared the international year of pulses by the United Nations in 2016. Since then, they have grown in popularity as the choice of food to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.


Here are some reasons you should incorporate grains and legumes into your everyday diet:

1) Helps to maintain a healthy weight
Grains and pulses have a high protein content, contain almost no fat and have a low glycemic index.

2) Protects against diseases
Grains and pulses improve protection against type 2 diabetes, reduce cholesterol levels and the occurrence of certain cancers.

3) They help achieve a delicious and nutritious diet
The grains and pulses are affordable, high in fibre, as well as iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin b.

4) They are environmentally-friendly
Grains and pulses cultivation require very little water and contribute to the preservation of fertility and soil health.

T-fal’s Multicook & Grains multicooker is a new and innovative solution to cook grains and legumes in a quick and easy way. Thanks to its exclusive patented technology, you can now soak grains and legumes up to 10x faster than the traditional cooking method! Check out the above link to learn more about the benefits of the Multicook & Grains and how it works!


Come rain or shine, you prefer your morning bread toasted. Satisfyingly crunchy, smothered in butter and jam, and filling your home with the delicious aroma of hot bread, toast helps you start the day right. Quite apart from being delicious, did you know that your daily toast has another asset that few people know about? Its glycemic index (GI) is lower than that of fresh bread!
When bread is toasted, its water content moves to the surface. This causes something called starch retrogradation, which decreases the GI. If you’re going for foods with the lowest possible GI, choose breads made from semi-wholemeal or wholemeal flour as opposed to white flour. And if you’re watching your figure or want to eat healthier, then the benefit of toasting will no doubt get you reaching for your toaster more often, knowing that you can toast away to your heart’s content!

Plus it is a quick and easy breakfast for when you are on the go, but who said toast needs to be boring?


Upgrade your traditional everyday toast by experimenting with different topping combinations. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Sliced fresh avocado toast with fresh lemon and ground pepper
  • Hazelnut spread with sliced bananas sprinkled with cinnamon powder 
  • Sliced fried pan-fried tomatoes topped with a fried egg and fresh chives
  • Ricotta topped with blueberries and drizzled with honey

Get creative and try all of your favourite ingredients on your toast – the possibilities are endless!


For all you tea lovers, we know one thing that can keep you smiling ’til midday – a nice hot mug of tea! So, needless to say, your kettle is an essential item in your kitchen.

If you’re some what of a tea connoisseur, you’ll know that each variety of tea has its own optimum brewing time and temperature. Tea temperature does matter! On certain types of leaves such as green tea, if your water temperature is too hot you can actually ‘cook’ the leaves instead of steeping them which will change the flavour of your tea and sometimes make it bitter tasting. That’s why we’ve put together some basic guidelines to what temperature you should use for steeping based on the types of team leaves. 

From Rooibos to Oolong, our chart will help you find out more on how to make the perfect brew every time! 



Have you ever had that panicked moment when you’ve gone out and are worried that you’ve left your iron on?

Not turning your iron off is a fire hazard, and a lot of people forget to flip the switch when they’re done, especially if they’re just ironing a shirt and running out to work. Even if you are the best person for remembering things, it pays to have an iron with auto shut-off just so you’re covered. This means that if it hasn’t been used for a while, it will turn itself off, which helps provide peace of mind and stops your house burning down, which – needless to say – isn’t the result you want when ironing! T-fal irons are designed to meet the needs of every day consumers, and that means being safe and convenient to use with an auto-shut off feature on our irons*.


Check out our range of T-fal irons and steamers to find the one right for you!

*Ensure to always check the label on your iron to ensure the auto shut-off is a feature included on your iron.


While there are a few different things you need to consider when picking out an iron, one of the most important things you want to think about is steam. It’s also the thing that means you get to spend less time ironing, which – let’s face it – is the dream.  Using an iron with plenty of steam, though, will cut your ironing time in half, if not reduce it even more. The more steam your iron produces, the more layers of fabric it can iron all at once, meaning you don’t need to go over the same area in your garment repeatedly.


While you might have tried the trick of hanging a suit in your steamy bathroom after a shower to de-crease it, this doesn’t always work. However, if you have an iron that creates a lot of steam, it can double as a steamer so you can still use it on things that can’t be directly ironed.

T-fal offers a great selection of irons that produce high levels of steam that can effectively double as a steamer. This means you don’t need to find somewhere to hang your suit in the bathroom, pay for it to be steamed professionally or deal with hard-to-fix creases on delicate clothing.

Check out our range of T-fal Steam irons and find the one that is right for you


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