Summer is here, which means it’s time to brush up on your grilling skills. To impress family and friends, here are some simple tips and tricks that will make you look like a pro…


  1. Marinating your food before grilling is a great way to bring out the flavour of foods. As a general rule of thumb, prepare 2/3 to 1 cup of marinade for 1-1/2 pounds of meat and make sure food is covered,turning occasionally to ensure a full coat.
  1. Use plastic, glass or ceramic containers, covered with plastic wrap to marinade foods. Metal containers can react with acidic ingredients (vinegar, lemon juice etc.) creating an unpleasant taste.
  1. Forgot the marinade? Make a rub instead. Massage your mix of herbs and spices into the meat and grill! Use whatever you like – pepper, dried herbs, chilli powder, brown sugar, cumin or paprika… the options are endless.
  1. For dryer meats such as poultry, turkey and pork, prepare a brine and soak meat for several hours in the refrigerator. This will absorb moisture so meat stays juicy and tender during grilling. Before grilling, rinse brined meat to remove excess salt and dry it with paper towels.
  1. Before cutting, let finished meats rest on a clean platter and tent with foil for about 10 minutes, so juices can redistribute evenly.


Trying to plan what special treats you can make for dad this Sunday in celebration of Father’s Day? We’re hear to help! These grill-friendly recipes have something for every dad – from meat-lovers to vegans.


Going out is so last year. This Father’s Day, treat him to an awesome day at home with Pinterest-worthy meals and activities he and the kids are sure to adore. Celebrating DIY-style is a great option because it’s affordable, lets you to customize everything to his unique tastes, and keeps dad happy and relaxed in his favourite place in the world — right at home.

This year, try these easy do-it-yourself ideas that include ways for the kids to help so they too can feel like they’re making dad’s day extra-special. And don’t  forget to take lots of pics to show off your Martha Stewart-levels of perfection and tag us on Twitter @Tfal_Canada.


1. Create your own gift with the kids (and no, not a construction paper tie card). Honestly, you can spend hours browsing the web and find tons of amazing do-it-yourself crafts. One cool gift your children can help with no matter what their age is a pocket tray where dad can dump his coins, keys and trinkets when he comes home. Find a ceramic tray at a dollar or craft store, have the kids use paint or sharpies to decorate it, and then bake it in the oven to set the colours. Older ones will be able to make really intricate designs or paint his favourite sports team logo, while little ones can scribble for some abstract art. If you have babies, you can help them make hand or feet impressions on the tray.

2. Grill him a meal. If there’s one thing all dads love, it’s a good barbecue. Give him a break from cooking duty on his special day using the T-Fal OptiGrill. This intelligent indoor electric grill has pre-set cooking temperatures for six types of food and senses food thickness and size to automatically adjust the time and temperature for the desired doneness. Spoil him with barbecue staples like burgers, steaks or chicken knowing you’ll ace that restaurant-perfect cooking time and balance the meal with grilled healthy veggies. Get the kids to help with setting the table or give them the super special job of tracking beeps and the colour-coded system that indicates the level of doneness letting you know when the food’s ready. Rest easy knowing clean-up will be quick and easy with the OptiGrill’s dishwasher-safe juice tray and detachable non-stick plates.

3. Spend the day together doing what he loves. Plan simple activities with him in mind. Does dad love to watch movies or listen to music? Have the little ones help you create a playlist of his favourites. Can’t get enough of the outdoors? Go for a walk in an interesting neighbourhood and do some quick research with the kids beforehand to point out heritage buildings or a neat pastry shop. Or make him a cute coupon book together featuring clever activity ideas like charades, board games or gathering in the family room to each read your favourite book separately but together.


The convenience and innovation of the Actifry Express allows families to prepare the meals they love at home in a healthier way, without sacrificing flavour. We asked foodie Canadian bloggers to put an Actifry to the test and see if they could prepare a healthier version of a family-friendly meal.

Here are the recipes they came up with:



Cook fresh! On Friday May 20th, join Jamie Oliver in celebrating Food Revolution Day and share the power of cooking fresh, real food.

Turn away from processed foods and focus on the benefits of cooking from scratch! Not only is fresh food tastier, changing your food choices can also make you happier and healthier. Learn to cook healthy meals with Jamie’s Starter Pack for Cooking below and pair it off with Jamie Oliver by T-fal’s cookware.

Jamie’s Hard Anodized and Mainstream cookware ranges feature an environmentally friendly, PFOA-free non-stick interior coating* that allows you to cook your favourite meals with little or no fat.  Jamie’s Copper Star cookware range heats up hot and is perfect for searing meats and cooking delicious veggie stir-frys. Healthy cooking starts with fresh produce and great cookware! Click here to shop Jamie Oliver’s cookware sets.

Jamie’s Starter Pack for Cooking: 10 starter recipes to cook healthy!

Pesto Salmon

Veggie Stir-Fry Noodles

 Classic Tomato Spaghetti
Cheese Omlette
Minestrone Soup
Chicken & Roast Potatoes
Simple Hummus
Oaty Fruity Cereal
Lamb Chickpea Curry
Simple Green Salad
 Looking for more recipes? 

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*Mainstream cookware range features non-stick interior coatings on frypans only.


May 20th is Food Revolution Day 2016!

With the rising popularity of social media and online use, Canadian children are exposed to more fast food, unhealthy food and beverage marketing than ever. Join Jamie Oliver and T-fal in making a real, lasting change in the world by educating children and youth about cooking and eating healthy!

Jamie and kids

Get your school involved in Food Revolution Day by making our fab recipe for DIY Oaty Fruity Cereal to teach your kids about the importance of having a healthy breakfast to kick off the day. We’ve got the ingredients and lesson plan for you to follow, a breakfast nutrition poster , and safety tips for using knives for all that chopping!

We want you to share your school’s amazing stories and your achievements, and help us on our mission! Tweet @T-fal_Canada with hashtag #FOODREVOLUTION and share a picture of what you did for Food Revolution Day 2016 to receive a personalized certificate with your school or class name!

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