As soon as the weather turns hot and sticky, all you can think about is downing a cold drink, and ice-cold, if possible! But it’s actually true what the British say – on a hot day, it’s better to have a warm or hot drink than, say, a glass of iced tea, however tempting the latter might seem. Here’s why.


Your body doesn’t like cold!

It’s true! While you may love a delicious iced coffee on a hot summer’s day, your body doesn’t! Your body is self-regulating, so while you may desperately want to cool down when it’s 38° in the shade, a glass of iced water will provide only a slight and very short-lived sense of relief before your system starts working to heat it back up to body temperature. So you simply end up making your body work harder to produce heat, and getting even sweatier!

The best thing to do when you’re hot is to drink things that are as near as possible to body temperature. They don’t have to be hot – drink a warm herbal tea, and keep an unrefrigerated bottle of water on hand, because nothing beats water for rehydrating the body. Save the ice cubes for those after dinner drinks on the terrace. And in winter, stave off the cold and rain with steaming mugs of cappuccino and hot chocolate.


Whether you’re totally gluten-intolerant or simply want to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet, you’ll know that it’s not so easy because it’s hidden in so many foods! You will find it in any product containing wheat, obviously, but did you know that it’s often hidden in thickeners and ‘light’ fats? Here are a few delicious recipe ideas to help you eat in a healthy manner and totally gluten-free!


No gluten doesn’t mean no taste!

First of all, you need to start experimenting with new and long forgotten ingredients. There are several types of gluten-free flour available, including rice flour, chickpea flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour and corn flour, any or all of which can be used to make biscuits, cakes, and even gluten-free pastry for those picnic treats and dinner-party quiches. And you can bet your bottom dollar that your chestnut flour pancakes will become a firm favorite with the kids!

You can make bread using rice or buckwheat flour, then give it a special touch by adding all of your favorite ingredients. There is now a wide range of gluten-free pasta available, for making delicious pasta Bolognese or pasta carbonara. And don’t forget all those rice-based recipes that can be adapted however you like, such as Chinese rice noodle soup and seafood paella. And if you thought gluten-free food was dull, try out all the recipes for gluten-free muffins, cookies and pies! You’ll discover the delights of cooking with soya, millet, and maybe even lupin flour, all of which are easily available from health food shops. So get cooking and get creative!


Now that you’ve bought yourself an ActiFry, there is no stopping you – any time can be French fry time! And your homemade fries are so delicious that the whole family loves them, especially when served with a prime cut of meat. So here are some ideas for your next Sunday lunches!


Steak and chips: it’s all in the cooking

You like nothing better on a Sunday than to treat yourself a little and organize a big meal with your friends or family. And one of your favourite dishes is steak and chips! But not just any old steak and chips – your chips are homemade, light and deliciously crunchy, and your meat cooked to perfection. That’s because you use a grill to cook each person’s steak exactly how they like it. From rare to well-cooked, a sprinkling of salt and pepper is all that a steak needs and it’s ready to serve with those homemade fries. The secret to perfect French fries is to cut them neither too thick nor too thin, so that they have the right amount of crunch!

It’s all in the sauce!

And to make your meal worthy of the best restaurant, you really need to go to a lot of trouble for the sauce. If your homemade mayonnaise is a firm favorite, why not also try something new like peppercorn sauce? Made with cream, black or green peppercorns and a dash of brandy, it will wow even the most demanding of guests and make those fries of yours taste even better!


Whether it’s to stave off a cold, combat fatigue or ease digestion, plants are well known for helping us to get better and stay healthy.

Here are a few medicinal cooking recipes that have been handed down through generations to help combat those everyday health problems!


Medicinal cooking using some very basic ingredients

You don’t need to transform your kitchen into a pharmacy to try some of the simpler medicinal recipes. Start with a few herbal teas, which have the advantage of using ingredients that usually keep for a long time – camomile and linden for sleep problems, honey and lemon or lemon and ginger to combat a cold, and lavender for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can drink herbal teas throughout the day, alternating between the different plants.

Ingredients to add to your dishes

Did you know? Fennel has digestive and diuretic properties, so go ahead and serve it as often as you like with your white meat and fish dishes. The star of medicinal cooking is the humble nettle, which is usually eaten in the form of nettle soup. It possesses diuretic and mineral replenishing properties, and contains lots of natural fibre. And finally, whatever the weather, don’t hold back on the parsley! Rich in minerals and vitamin C, you can add a handful of it to your sautéed vegetables, sauces and salads.


All the tips and tricks for perfect rice!

Say goodbye to soggy rice, and to hours spent scouring the bottom of your pans! Thanks to a few simple tips, your rice will always turn out perfect. Whether it’s sushi, basmati or arborio, simply pick your favourite cooking method for perfect rice every time.


Pan or rice cooker – it’s up to you

So. You love rice in all its forms, but you tend to overcook it or find it stuck to the bottom of your pan. For hassle-free rice, you need to equip yourself with either a rice cooker or a good quality non-stick pan. Whichever you choose, the next step is to give your rice a good rinse in cold water.

Ultra practical and ideal for large families (and for anyone who constantly lets their milk or water boil over), a rice cooker does it all for you. Simply choose your rice, add the required amount of water, switch it on… then go read your book or watch your favourite TV program while your rice cooker does the rest. Once your rice is cooked, just let it rest for a few minutes before serving with a proud flourish and a “Look at what I made!”

If you’re using a pan, don’t forget to check the required cooking time since this varies depending on the type of rice used. When the water starts to boil, pour in your rice stirring all the time, then leave to cook over medium heat. You can add a stock cube or some herbs to the cooking water, or scatter some saffron over your rice after draining.

 methods for cooking rice

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You know what? Healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring food! And when it comes to kids, healthy eating should above all mean tasty, colourful recipes that they really want to try out (and finish it all!)

Everyday meals that are simple to prepare and that your kids will love – it’s really possible!


Healthy and tasty meals for all the family

Unless you’re on a special diet, your children’s meals don’t need to be any different from your own. On the contrary, it’s easier to teach them about eating a balanced diet if the whole family eats fruit and green vegetables on a regular basis. Sharing proper meals as a family will also make the kids (and the grown-ups) less likely to snack during the day. And it’s important to eat healthily from the moment you get up. Cereals or bread, a dairy product and a vitamin-packed homemade orange juice for breakfast will get you off to a good start.

You can make fruit and vegetables fun with the help of a little imagination. Carrots can be turned into chips, apples, pears and bananas into smoothies, and green vegetables into mini terrines. And you can experiment with different herbs and sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and so on) in your soups. At snack time, avoid sugary things like cakes and biscuits and show them that nothing beats homemade. Some fresh fruit, a dairy product for calcium and a handful of dried fruit make the perfect balanced snack!

T-fal has plenty of healthy meal ideas for the whole family, click here to browse our collection of recipes.


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